Sunday, October 2, 2011

Erica's 100 Cartridge Blog Hop for October(!

OCTOBER AHHHHHHHHHHH!  This year is flyin' by!  I hope it ends better than it started!  If you have found your way here, you are following Erica's 100 Cartridge Blog Hop from  You should have arrived here from
Autumn -
Here are my contributions to this months hop! I was asked to create sign up sheets for our schools PTA committees. As you crafty gals can understand, a mere "sign-up sheet" would not do! So I got to work! The following are the boards and as you can see MANY cartridges were used. I'll do my best to list them all under each photo! 
"We Need You" - Plantin Schoolbook
Garbage Truck & House - My Community
Go Team - Locker Talk
Hit the Books - Locker Talk
Holly Leaves - Doodlecharms 
"Family Fun" - ?
Basket and Muffins - Doodlecharms
5th Grade - Locker Talk
Stack of books - Locker Talk  
"Green Thumb" - Opposites Attract
Butterfly - Indie Art
Hand - My Community
Stalk - My Community
Flowers - Accent Essentials 
"Yup, There's More" - Cuttin' Up! (My Fav!)
Sun - Doodlecharms
Theater Masks - Locker Talk
Arrows - Accent Essentials
Notebook Paper - Locker Talk 
Cuttin' Up! 
School is Cool - Locker Talk
Library - My Communtiy
Look Here - Indie Art
Time 4 Fun - not sure gotta check! 
"One & Done" - Cuttin' Up!
Rollerskates - Locker Talk
Back to School - Locker Talk
Train - ?
Arrows - Accent Essentials 
"Are You Crafty?" - Printing Press
Brush, Palete, Teacher Appreciation & Camera - Locker Talk
Arrows - Accent Essentials 
"Got Food" - Opposites Attract
Pumpkin, Spider, Turkey Shamrocks - Doodlecharms
Pizza slice - Locker Talk

Ya tired yet?!  I hope not!  Here's the complete line-up of this hop in case you get lost!  You should head on over to:

Here's the beginning of the hop list for Sunday October 2!

Happy hoppin'!
Hope you enjoyed my stuff today!