Thursday, August 13, 2009

Washington DC!

We spent a few days in our nations' capital. We have the greatest friends! They own a condo in Arlington VA, and were heading to the Jersey shore for vacation and gave us their keys to the condo! How great is that! We drove, 3 hours from NJ, hit a little traffic, but arrived in one piece. Okay now let me preface this by saying, we saw TONS of great things and it was wonderful to see all the new monuments that I've never seen, however...................we had no idea how freakin' hot it would be! I know, it's August, it's hot in August, I know! I live in NJ! It's hot here in November sometimes! But this was unlike any heat I've ever experienced! OMG! My oldest was so hot she actually was getting goosebumps, a sure sign of heat stroke! Good times! We needless to say came home earlier than we had planned but nevertheless, we saw amazing sites and I'm happy my kids saw DC, but next time I'm going in the winter!


  1. OH FUN!!! Looks like you had a great time.

    Love your blog!

    --Gracie from Imagine that

  2. Great pictures!!! I lived right up the street from DC and never made it there before I had to move. thanks for giving me a peek inside!!!