Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I'm home! It was so fun! I met some wonderful women and even a few great dudes! I will be demonstrating the Cricut Cake! OMG it is so cool! I have an Expression and this is it's "fraternal twin" that only does icing sheets and gum paste! Can't wait to get mine and start playing!
The hotel was great, so was the food, but my experience was completely enhanced by two amazing women! Ava & Tina, or Critter and Pickle as I've come to know them! They made my weekend! They kept me laughing and kept me from getting in trouble! Ava told us stories that literally made me lose all control of bodily functions and Tina was there to "Poise" the support! Between goats, hamsters, poise pads and cupcakes I can't think of more fun and laughs like I had in Chi-Town with these two gals in a long time! Here's some pictures!

Ava (aka Critter) & Tina (aka Pickle)

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