Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Summer Stuff!

Jordan & Hannah & the Phillie Phanatic!

It's August and it's hot as hell here in NJ. I cannot believe how unbelievably stinkin' hot it's been this summer! It's like NJ was moved to the equator! I hate it! Although my power company loves me, because all of you who know me know how much I hate to be hot! So it's a major score for the power company!

Anyhoo, we've had a nice summer so far. We did a little local site seeing, Philadelphia and the historical area, very nice! It's only 10 minutes from our front door, the place where our country became a country and we just this summer went to so take a look. I guess it's one of those things that we take for granted. The girls had fun and so did I.
Ben Franklin at the Constitution Center
Independence Hall - Philadelphia 2010

We also went to the shore. Now here in Jersey went don't go to the beach, we go down the shore. Before anyone comments,
I lose brain cells when the commericals come on for that train wreck!
We go to Long Beach Island (LBI), beautiful white sand beaches, totally family oriented and just a relaxing fun time! I am not at one with the sun however. For some reason I really pissed the sun off at some point in my earlier years and now I am a target for the sun's evil rays! I sat under an umbrella, with a towel across my legs, one around my shoulders and applied sunscreen 3 times an hour and still got sun poisoning! GOOD TIMES! It didn't ruin my vacation, it hit when I got home though! Jordan and Hannah were practically growing gills at the shore! It was so fun to watch them enjoy the ocean!
Hannah getting ready to hit the waves!
Jordan on her boogie board!
Mom, Michelle & Taylor, see my umbrella!

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