Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Would you believe it Wednesday?

Well after LOTS of rain and flooding, my craft room is somewhat back to normal!  We are still having water seep in, because it has literally rained EVERY STINKIN' DAY for weeks since Hurricane Irene.  With the ground so saturated the only place for the water to go in in my craft room!  UGH!  I am optimistic that it'll all be over soon! 

Here's my creation for Erica's Cricut Craft Room's Can you believe it Wednesdays?!  What that means is I can use ANY Cricut cartridge, but I can only use the feature keys, not the main image keys (so if you open up a cartridge handbook, the big picture on the left is the main image, off to the right are all the extra , wickedly cool, fun things that we sometimes forget about!)

I used Car Decals for my creation this week!  LOVE LOVE LOVE this cartridge!  So much fun stuff!  The "I "heart" Cats" is from the phrases keys, while the cat on the left is actually 3 layers cut from, the Athlete, & Sports keys.  My cat's name was Casey and that was cut out from Cuttin' Up! 

Casey was an amazing companion and we miss her very much!  She passed away in October 2009 and we all still have a special place in our hearts for her!

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  1. Great layout Lisa! I really like the cat image from Car Decals. Beautiful cat...I'm sure Casey is missed so much.