Sunday, October 7, 2012

Long Time No Posts!

It's been a little since I last posted anything!  Hope are all well!  The school year started and like so many others our lives are taken over by homework, field hockey games, dances, new friends and everything else that accompanies the school year!  LOL!  I am the assistant coach for the final time for our local middle school field hockey team.  A few years ago, the state of NJ had MAJOR budget cutbacks and our district lost all freshman sports and most middle school sports.  They also lost funding  for extra, assistant coaches.  LOTS of girls here love field hockey and unfortunately the coach can only  have about 30 girls on the team at once without help.  I think that sucks!  There's is literally nothing for the kids to do and the fact that so many want to play sports is awesome, so I volunteered 3 years ago to help out with the team so no one would have to be cut.  I do love the sport so it really is fun for me!
Anyway here are some new creations I haven't posted anything in a bit so I hope you enjoy!
First up is a shadowbox I made for a wonderful art teacher!  She is amazing and I am so glad my children had her!  Thank you Beth!
Next, is a little somethimg I made for our fabulous gym teacher!  He did his best to get my kid to climb the ropes but she never quite made it!  Thanks Jim! 
Finally a birthday banner for my Jordan!  She turned 15 this summer!  OMG!  Where did the time go!   

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