Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Good Night!

Okay, so not as productive as I had hoped! Got the girly stuff done this morning, ran to ACMoore for a few things, had lunch and here's where everything went wrong.
After lunch, I realized that my husband had ran the dishwasher, so I proceeded to empty it. Everything was going along as it should when I reached in to get the tray of utensils out of the door of the dishwasher and I miscalculated and wound up with a fork tine jammed up between my thumb and thumb nail. There are no words that can adequately describe the pain. I saw a white light, followed by what I can only call a primal internal scream that made me literally fall to my knees. Forget the blood, that I can deal with but the pain, not so much! I napped and considered drinking for the rest of the day, but my kids are only 12 and 8 and a drunk mom is not a good mom!
Mind you, 4 years ago I had a staff infection in my right thumb from an ingrown nail (didn't even know it was ingrown, looked normal) and spent 5 glorious days as a patient in the hospitals geriatric ward (no other bed available for the 30 something ol' gal). Let's see what happens next!
Good times!

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