Sunday, July 26, 2009

Late nights, rambling, and a couple of cards!

It's really late here in NJ, and I have insomnia! It happens to me every single summer. It sucks! No mincing words here, I am dog tired all day then night time comes and HELLO, I can't go to sleep. I've tried teas, the TV, deep breathing, no napping during the day, I know you're thinking, take a sleeping pill and go to bed! I've tried that in the past and I swear I feel like I'm absolutely USELESS for days after! Even an allergy pill or a "PM" pain relieving pill kicks my butt! I can't seem to catch up for at least 2 days after. Swimming in mud or sweeping back the ocean is the best way to describe it. I move real slow and everything comes at me so fast I start to worry! So here I type. Rambling on as my husband would say. It's the blog or I wake him up! I think he'll be happy I chose the blog!

Since I'm up, I thought I'd share a couple of cards I made! The cactus card was made with Stampin' Up! stamps. Believe it or not those are actually pumpkins! The seasonal stamp got another use! Prima flowers top each cactus! The doodle card was stamped (SU again!) and hand doodled by yours truly!

Hope you like 'em! Now if I could only create sleep...................


  1. Great cards! Sorry for your insomnia.. hopefully it will turn around soon for ya

  2. This happens to me all the time too! I can't sleep in the middle of the summer at night but boy I could sleep ALL day long!! Love your cards...your work is really cute:)