Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Would You Ever Guess Wednesday?!

Okay, I have to be honest, I'm a bit behind!  This holiday season is really kicking my butt!  My little one was home last week with a nasty virus, and as you can image, that just set me back with all my other "stuff".  I kept her home and she's doing much better!
Family always comes first!
That being said, my post for this weeks Would You Guess Wednesday?!, is rather simple.  I used the font on the Car Decals Cartridge to make a page title.  I used to hand-write letters like this "back in the day", while sitting in chemistry class doodling my boyfriend's name all over my notebook!

I also created 36 glasses for a local Veteran's Army/Navy Game celebration.  Each glass was being sold to raise money for the groups future endeavors.  A wonderful Army Sgt. asked me to create these glasses, half said BEAT ARMY and half said BEAT NAVY, so when you are drinking from the glass, the person sitting across from you sees who you're cheering for!  Cute huh!
I used blue and green vinyl to cut each word, then weld each letter together using my Gypsy.  I also used Pebeo Medium Brilliant Gloss Medium.  I painted on four coats of medium and then waited 24 hours between each coat, finally you have to bake the glasses for 40 minutes in order for them to become "permanent" and withstand dishwasher heat.  I think they look pretty good!
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Hope you enjoyed my stuff today!
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  1. awesome!! I would love to know what glasses you can "bake" these are so cute!! curious to know.. so if you want them to be dishwasher safe - you have to so this on glassware / bakeware?? love to know. OH yes!! I love your LO too :)

  2. Great project. I am a new follower on your blog. I also wanted to let you know that I posted the Cupcake BathBomb tutorial today on my blog (in response to your request). Have a wonderful day.